Thursday, 20 October 2016

What is Win Win Economic 360

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A warm welcome. I am Vishal Ganeriwal.

I am passionate about the idea - "live life win-win".

For me the principle of win-win means a life on Earth where all live in peace and harmony; where economic activities are based on principle of inclusive growth; where growth is leveraged through sustainable technology; where products and services deliver true value and not mere perceptions; a health system that is based on tenets of holistic healing and universal affordability; a culture based on simplicity of thought and expression; an education or learning system that shapes our value system and skills to enable us live life in a win-win way.

Does the above sound like a list of idealistic impractical assertions. Yes, they are if seen from an immediate "universally applicable" perspective. If we limit their application to the area that really matters ie doing the best possible in our own circle of influence, then they are very much practicable. With each part of the whole changing, there will come a time where the threshold number will be crossed and these principles will achieve universal acceptance and applicability. Have you heard of the 100th monkey experiment?

Win Win Economics 360 is a term to describe the economic principle of  a win-win life.
A paradigm with which I associate following 4 high-level principles.

1. Inclusive and Equitable growth that also promotes enterprise.
2. Dealing in True Value Quality products and services.
3. Use of Sustainable and Eco-friendly technology.
4. Take pride in the 3 R's: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Why 360?

The term 360 reminds me of a circular dimension. The circular shape represents the idea of  infinite expressions, connections, applications. It is a figure which is at the same time both rigid and flexible;  static and dynamic; open and closed. So is the principle of Win-Win Economics 360 similar in understanding and implementation. I hope more like minded will join in and make this seed idea grow.

Why WinWineconomincs360?

This is an attempt to something about the big problem of inequalities,wastage of resources and the skewed curve of  human welfare that is staring us in the face. This is an attempt to trigger individual level introspection and participation to do something positive even if they are just small steps. It is a call to make a start.Winwineconomics360 is an effort to create a thought and action forum. Those who agree can also try to come together and try to put into action some of these principles.

How can you participate?

For starters subscribe and agree to receive updates from this blog. We will discover opportunities to work together and make a meaningful contribution. All my blogs will be having a common undercurrent -  Live Life Win Win.

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