Wednesday, 23 November 2016

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Is this possible?
 Is this call to the human fraternity actionable? Can there be an economic way of life that is balanced in the sense that it promotes both inclusiveness and  individual ambitions? Is it possible that we accept the paradigm that selfishness and selflessness are both important for the human society to flourish? Can we evolve to a level where the motivation to work efficiently arises from an interest in the self and also from the interest in the welfare of the other? The idea is to achieve “we growth”, of which “I” is also an important part.

The acceptable band:

Wise men have said that the inequalities of income and wealth are fine and natural, as long as it operates within a band. Lower the spread of the spectrum lower the inequalities. Determining the optimum area of this spread is definitely subjective and contextual. However whatever the spread of the spectrum, it should be narrow enough to ensure that no one in the world is denied opportunities to earn for himself the basics of life :- nutritious food, clean clothing, basic shelter, access to basic education and health services. No one should be living a life of forced depravity.

The way forward:

There needs to be a widespread awareness and acceptance of this principle of inclusive growth. It must emerge from within the human heart as a new approach to our economic problem of resource allocation and wealth distribution. Legislation should never be the primary reason to usher in this change. Use of force in such matters does not work and usually only leads to more distress within the system. We need to strike a balance between reduction of inequalities and incentivising the spirit initiative and enterprise.

From the perspective of private enterprise, it is about seeking your growth by first making the people below you grow. Many leading “change” managers of the modern era have considered this principle as key to inspirational leadership.

From the perspective of  direct intervention, it is about investing in sustainable empowerment programs that improve the abilities of the people to earn more for themselves. Charity comes rather low in the order. Charity as a means to immediate relief is fine but is definitely not a sustainable long term solution.

Our Role:

We will inform you of some opportunities to support the idea of inclusive growth by buying and endorsing quality products and services emerging from such an environment.

There are many community self-development and empowering programs run by NGO’s that can help you make your money count .We will also suggest a few.

It is said that true change begins with the human heart. When the feelings in the heart towards a particular situation or a person have changed and the same is further supported by efforts to manifest those feelings through concrete action, that is the point when we can claim that the person has truly changed. A mere intellectual agreement will not go very far. The need of the hour is, therefore, something that will change our hearts and motivate us to take further action in line with that change. I endorse heartfulness meditation as one such effective means that amongst other things make us tune in with our inner Nature. I am sure there are others and we would like to hear from them too.

Your participation:

This thought about achieving inclusive growth by balancing self-interest and selflessness and by first bringing the change within the human heart needs to be explored further. Do register with this blog and share your ideas. This is a developing and dynamic idea. 

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