Saturday, 19 November 2016

WinWinEconomincs360 - Buy True Value

What are True Value  products and services?

Simply put they are quality products and services that deliver on what they promise.They are continuously looking at ways to become more efficient, upgrade their quality and provide a better consumer experience.Their pricing is kept as reasonable as possible to allow maximum people to benefit from their use and at the same time ensure businesses are kept healthy and profitable.

Selling bad quality products just on the plank of cheap price, dumping products at unsustainable low prices to cause disruption, marking up prices so that only a few can afford; do not pass the litmus test of True Value.

True Value is a cardinal principle of WinWinEconomics360 that supports excellence and an urge to be fair in pricing.

Why should you buy True Value?

Producers make what consumers will buy.

Let's give thumbs down to bad quality even if it comes cheap;let's demonstrate some self-respect.

Let's give thumbs down to products and services that do not deliver what they claim; let's demonstrate that we value the trust we invest.

Let's give thumbs down to products that are priced high and not backed with similar quality differentiation; let's demonstrate that we know how to reward true human effort.

Let's give thumbs down to "dumping"; let's demonstrate our will to protect fair businesses.

Let's make our expenditure count and yield more. It is akin to using sprinklers or drip irrigation method to water your garden against using a hose pipe. More results from use of lesser resources.

When we choose a True Value product or service we ensure that we utilise our personal resources better. We will extract greater value from every unit of resource we spend, freeing up the possibility of using the saved resources to generate more meaningful movement in the economy. We send strong signals to the manufacturers and service providers to think win-win.

How can you contribute?

We are inviting you to a group of  like-minded individuals who endorse the idea of dealing in True Value goods and services. Do subscribe to this blog and you are a part of the team. Of course, you can exit any time and we would respect your privacy completely. Feel free to join, leave, rejoin as many times as you like. The idea of winwineconomics360 has no doors or windows.

You will get mailers from me inviting you to contribute your thoughts, refer True Value products and services, receive information about True Value products and services, give your feedback on the use of products and services that we recommend etc. You will also receive emails in relation to some other key principles winwineconomics360 supports.

We are just beginning this journey and we will "build on" as we "get along". Enjoy the build up with us and participate as best as you can.

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