Saturday, 19 November 2016

Winwineconomincs360 - Go Green

Living in an environmentally sustainable way is not longer a choice; it is perhaps the only solution left. Some have realised it and other’s will, hopefully sooner later than later. The fire in the house has started and will in all likely hood burn down everything unless the house dwellers do something about it. Denial or playing down the danger is the last thing that is needed now. Everybody needs to do his or her best to douse this fire. Some with more resources can do more, some with limited resources may be able to do less; the quantum of pain and concern, however, must be the same in every human heart.

What does “go green” mean. 
To my mind, in the context of winwineconomics360 it means accepting the importance of the 3 R’s, protecting the Earth’s green cover and rapidly adjusting our lifestyle.
Let us choose to live a simpler life led more by needs and less by wants. Let us reduce what we need to take away from Earth.
       Let us try to reuse things over and over again as long as they are usable to us in some relevant form or the other. 
      Let us try to develop, identify and cooperate with recycle systems that help consume our waste meaningfully, usually converting them into something usable again. 
      Let us show our preference for consuming renewable energy and reducing carbon footprint.
       Let us drastically reduce or move away from products that involve the felling of trees.

Each person will have his or her own pace and level of acceptance of these principles. But let us make a beginning. As consumers a change in our consumption behaviour will make a difference to the manner in which Earth’s resources are being utilised. We can make our expenditure count for more and make it send the right signals.

The urgency:

In the heart of our hearts, we know that the time is running out and we need to adapt quickly. Our delay will make life very difficult for the coming generations. The irony is that such a change cannot be forced. There can be a force exerted through legislation or by the manifestation of testing situations in our environment, however, without the need being truly felt in the human heart, things will not have truly changed. External forces can only extract unwilling cooperation. These issues of consumption are very difficult to regulate through external authority and perhaps it undesirable to do so too; acknowledging the need to live a life in symbiosis with nature is the only true way forward.

Let us begin by taking the small but relevant steps. We need to change our inner thought environment. Let us embrace change and development programs that will enable us to bring about this change. (See our post in this blog: Winwineconomics360 - Learning and Development Programs.) Externally too we can make choices that matter. To name a few:

Can we not choose to buy products made from eco-friendly and sustainable technologies? 
Can we shift to consuming renewable energy such as solar generated in our own backyard and terraces? 
Can we not grow some part our food consumption in an organic way? 
Can we not accept some inconveniences for a greater cause?

Our intended contribution
We intend to create a forum for the exchange of ideas, products and services related to this issue. We will also suggest and make available products and services that are aligned with the cause of “Go Green”. 

Want to join this wave?
Register to receive updates from us on ideas, products and services that support this call. If you have good recommendations, let us know. We shall evaluate them and then spread the word.
We will together raise waves from our homes, let it "infest" our neighbourhoods and  let it further spread as far as it can.

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