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WinWinEconomincs360 - Win Win Learning and Development Programs

No building worth its name can be built on a weak foundation. Economic growth based on principles of natural, inclusive, efficient and harmonious growth that winwineconomics360 advocates looks like a pipe dream in comparison to how things are today. However there is an encouraging philosophy that anything big always begins small. The need of the moment is to generate an atmosphere of awareness, learning and training to empower those who are convinced and are willing, to make difference. 

WinWinEconomics360 is a micro level effort and believes in taking steps that matter; even if they are small and only local in effect. It may not qualify as a new economic framework, but one thing is for sure; as more and more people start cooperating with and begin applying these principles, the current imbalances resulting from unsustainable and skewed economic growth can be to that extent be corrected .We would have done our part.

Win- Win Learning and Development Programs will  help achieve these objectives.

The Pyramids of needs.
In this context, I present the 8 level model of Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs.

Win Win Learning and Development Programs  will seek to  empower participants to identify and satisfy 3 sets of needs described in the above chart – Basic needs(Physiological and Safety), psychological needs(Love/Belonging, Esteem, Cognition, Aesthetics) and self-fulfillment needs(Self-actualisation and Transcendence).

Having taken care of our other needs we need to be in the self-actualisation and self-transcendence space as soon as possible and operate from there. We need to move up the pyramid using both, the forces of evolution and personal efficiency.

The area of our life’s meaningful effectiveness

 All of us looking for meaningful outcomes from our life. The extent of outcomes in our life can be increased or decreased. Further, the outcomes we generate in our life need to be of value to us and as such should be in areas that are of concern to us. The extent of meaningful outcomes in our life can be mapped as the area of intersection of 3 circles.

Circle of Concern – Goals, Situations, Events and People we care about
Circle of Influence – Situations, Events and People who I can influence to large degree
Circle of Effective Action – What we do to move things in our intended directions.

We can visualise that the area of intersection can increase when there is growth and/or integration of one or all the 3 circles.

Win Win Learning and Development programs are a selection of formal and semi-formal programs which will help you both expand and integrate these 3 circles.  These programs intend to fire the hearts with ideals that are critical to human evolution; they train minds to be exceedingly efficient in execution; they strengthen the human will to convert ideas into realities.

The 7 S’s of Learnings.
Seen from a micro perspective learning and development programs suggested here will inspire and empower people with the following 7 S’s  of growth.

Some other programs will bring more awareness, raise vision and motivate.Some of the programs that we recommend will actually seed the hearts and brain with these changes and let them flower from within. They will not only recommend change but will actually bring about this change.  Some of the above engagements may be free and  some may be chargeable but all serve the cause of a win-win evolutionary life.

How you can participate.
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Current list of recommended learning and development programs.

Heartfulness:     This offers a system of meditation and a way of life, spearheaded by principles of Raj Yoga. It involves use of thought power to transform ourselves. The practice seeds your inner self with true change potentiality  and with time you will see these changes flower into your life. The system leverages your cooperation exponentially and lets you naturally integrate with principles of excellence, peace and harmony. This is a worldwide offering and the practice of meditation is free of charge. I have myself been practicing this meditation for last 20 years and endorse it completely. The practice of meditation is absolutely free.

Brighter Minds:  This is a child development program which works on key learning and character traits of the child. It uses the latest research in the area of neuro- plasticity and brainwave entrainment to greatly enhance the cognitive faculties of the child. It works with children to that make their hearts more open and loving. The program also sensitizes the parents on important aspect of parenting. If the child and parent really participate in a meaningful way the child will develop some amazing and unbelievable cognitive and super-sensory abilities. You will observe effective and evolutionary character traits emerge from the child. This is a paid program. My own child has gone through this program and I recommend it.

Disclaimer: All claims of effectiveness of programs are as per my understanding, experience and research. All published information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Effectiveness of any self development program is based on an individual's physical condition, mind set and his or her's effective participation in the program. Please understand these nuances with the agencies that are offering these programs in detail, before participating in any of the recommended programs.

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